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Private Lessons: Functional Integration® Sessions

Private hand-on Feldenkrais lessons are called Functional Integration® Lessons.

In a Functional Integration lessons you are communicated to through gentle touch and some conversation. Lessons offer a distinct way to sense yourself. Subtle variations of movement are offered through touch that expand your habitual movement patterns, ease breathing, and make a felt difference in how you inhabit your body. These sessions have the capacity to act as a powerful tool and catalyst for self-improvement, and one’s overall well being.



These personalized hands-on sessions are designed for:

  •  Individuals who feel more comfortable working one-on-one and appreciate ample time for discussion and questions.
  • Individuals who have a condition that considerably inhibits their movement.
  • Individual with neurological or psychological challenges.
  • Individuals recovering from injury or surgery who are unable to do the training or practices that are still too demanding for them at this time.
  • Individuals who find it helpful as an adjunct to the Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® group classes.
  • Individuals curious about self-development.
For many people a series of four to six lessons can make a positive difference.


"The correct approach is to disentangle at least one thread of cross-motivation, and then at once one discovers more hidden treasures of capacity and vitality in oneself than anybody suspected."

- Moshe Feldenkrais

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